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The long climbSource: www.economist.comst Oct, 2009 (Adapted 9202

The long climbSource: www.economist.comst Oct, 2009 (Adapted)            The world economy is fitfully getting back to normal, but it will be a "new normal". This phrase has caught on, even if people disagree about what it means. In the new normal, as defined by Pimco´s CEO, Mohamed El-Erian, growth will be subdued and unemployment will remain high. "The banking system will be a shadow of its former self," and the securitization markets, which buy and sell marketable bundles of debt, will presumably be a shadow of a shadow. Finance will be costlier and investment weak, so the stock of physical capital, on which prosperity depends, will erode.            The crisis invited a forceful government entry into several of capitalism's inner sanctums, such as banking, American carmaking and the commercial-paper market. Mr El-Erian worries that the state may overstay its welcome. In addition, national exchequers may start to feel some measure of the fiscal strain now hobbling California. America's Treasury, in particular, must demonstrate that it is still a "responsible shepherd of other countries' savings."In paragraph 1, growth in the new order is defined as

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